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Where to promote your blog-Ethical Trick to promote your business on 500+Facebook groups in 6 seconds

How to promote your business on facebook: I see many guys are selling this service on Fiverr for 5$. But I am here to give you this trick completely free! Just read the post patiently to understand how it works greatly!

Posting on many Facebook groups at a time is much time consuming. Is not it? You need a lot of work and time to post website link on multiple groups like as if we say over 500+ groups manually.

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You might be wondering:

Where to promote my blog post?

Isn’t there any way to do this easily which might work?

Why not!

You can post on multiple groups with a single click!

I have tried this trick and now sharing this great trick with you as you are my blog reader and hope you will visit this blog regularly to get such kind of excellent post! Do you?


How to promote your business on facebook?

By promoting your business on facebook groups you cat get more traffic to your site to sell anything!

Ok, now i am going to show you how to promote your blog on multiple facebook groups easily with a single click! Right?


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Steps for posting on multiple facebook groups at once-


How to promote your blog on facebook

First step: – Create a new Gmail account instead of using your personal account. (I think it is good to use different Gmail account)

Second step: – And, now create a facebook account using this same Gmail account address.

Third step: – Join as many groups you want for promoting your content. (I think firstly join about 50 groups related to your niche.)

It is good to share your site link on related groups for best result. You can join more!

How to promote my business on facebook?

Wait some days for getting approved from group admin. (Don’t worry if you not get approve from all these facebook groups)

Fourth step: – After getting approval log in your facebook account and go to groups section.

Fifth step: – Now open each group and copy the link of all facebook groups you joined and paste all URL in on notepad or MS Word.

Now you need to find email address of all these facebook groups you collected!

How Can I Get Any Facebook Group Email Address or username?


Let’s see-

If facebook group address is –

Then the username will be- bloggersworldwide


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Another example for you for easy understanding-

Facebook group address –

Username will be- 45708766174


 How to promote your business on facebook


Tip- Always look last name of group URL I hope you got the idea!

And now your turn to add all these groups user name before-

Here is an example-


It will take some time to do this job for first time only!


Ok, now it’s time to compose a mail-

How to promote your blog on facebook?


Six step: – Log in with your G-mail account which you created for your facebook account also.


Firstly– click “create new message” and now putt all the facebook groups email address in BCC field with comma (,)


Secondly– Write a small text related your content and put that web link to send on all these groups!


Finally– just press send button and you are done!

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Hurrah! I have done my job successfully!


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Are you still asking-

How to promote my business on facebook?


I think it takes a few seconds to share your link in all of these facebook groups! Isn’t it amazing!

I know- it will take some hour to collect and merge facebook groups email address first time only.

But- next time it will take only a few seconds to press send button! Am I right?

Where to promote your blog-

Best Trick you can follow-

To know how much click you are getting on link you can use which will keep track when someone click on your link from all these Facebook groups!

An advice you should consider-

It’s my personal opinion-

It’s not wise to send your website link on lots of groups at same time.

Try to send about 50-100 groups, after sending then go for another 100 facebook groups email address if you have a lot of email address!

 How to promote your business on facebook

Suppose you have 500 facebook groups email address. Try to do it dividing 5 times 100 groups separately.


Follow this and you will be safe!


Let me know are you using this technique?

Did you enjoyed article “How to promote your business on facebook groups easily

Do you have list of Facebook groups to share your link?

Do you need over 500+ facebook groups and email address also?

Let me know it I will definitely try to help you!

Bookmark this blog to know more ethical Tips and Tricks!

18 thoughts on “Where to promote your blog-Ethical Trick to promote your business on 500+Facebook groups in 6 seconds”

  1. Hi Minhaj, hope you are doing well! Nice article, i will try it out and i hope it works for me. Thanks a lot!

  2. While searching for some information over web, I came across this wonderful blog.
    I must say that your blog has an excellent content.
    Also, design is impressive. I am impressed with
    your work. Keep up the good work 🙂

  3. Hi there Minhaj,
    Thank you for providing such great content. I am an avid reader of you blog and find the topics very useful and informative. I wanted to ask if your method for posting in 500 fb groups in 6 secs still works today.? Thanks, James

    1. Hi James!
      Actually, recently i have not tried this trick! You have to be more cautious to do this! You know, Facebook is getting very harder day by day!

      To be safe, implement this tips with a fake account (not original) and see what happens!
      And, do not forget to tell me the results 😀

  4. Hi Mr.Minhaj uddin
    Really you are genius you have provided the information in depth I salute your efforts and help provided to bloggers, this is very helpful for new-bees like me I have just posted a website still I don’t know some of the points I applied to adsense they gave me blank ad code with following information
    (While your account is under review, we’ll only serve blank ads on your site. After the review is complete, you’ll receive an email from us. If your application is successful, we’ll start serving real ads on your site. )
    I have placed in my website but still waiting for the review to complete now only one day has passed still I did not get the email from google.
    Can you please help me how to go ahead with next step.
    Thanking you
    Syed zakiulla

    1. Hello Syed,

      Firstly you are warm welcome to my blog and thanks for your compliment!

      Actually, AdSense approval process has several steps and you need not worry about it. Basically they firstly give you to put adsense code on your site for testing.

      And generally, It takes around 1-2 days for to complete the review process. Once your application is fully approved, ads will automatically start to show in your site.

      So, do not worry! I visited you site and telling you, at this time try to keep posting more unique post (as you have no more post) to get approval easily.

      Hope it might help you! And kindly inform me whats going now! I will try my best to help you!

      1. Dear Minhaj uddin
        thanks a lot for your kind reply, i could not understand these points as you said 1)unique post (i don’t know what is unique post) 2) some people are saying that if you are putting more than 3 affiliate links adsense will not approve 3) some people are saying i should not put photos in the artical 4) some people are saying artical should be very big.
        kind request please don’t get angry for my such queries i am literally lost in the blogging field please show me the correct path my email is thanks
        syed zakiulla

        1. Hi Syed!

          Welcome! Firstly i will say, getting Adsense approval is not so hard unless you are violating their policies. I visited your site and noticed that you have only a few posts. And these posts are very short in length!

          I would say you that-

          1. Content matters a lot on getting approval! Write at least 30 posts about 300+ words on each post. (Unique post means- without copying others content from the web)

          2.And,remove those affiliate links.(You can put Affiliate links after getting approval)

          3. Try to get good traffic daily from search engines! (as it’s not a fact, but if you do it will be better)

          After all, i will tell you, read the Adsense policy and keep posting unique article and do proper SEO to get more search engine traffic then your chances are much higher to get approval easily.

          And, do not left blogging field for this reason only 😀 There are so many ways to make huge money by blogging.

          1. Dear Minhaj uddin

            Thanks for your tips my website is now activated with adsens and adsnes is posting adds on my website

            thanking you
            syed zakiulla

          2. Hi zakiulla,

            Honestly, i am so happy that you got adsense approval! Always keep in mind that, getting approval is so easy but maintaining it so hard! So, keep looking performance report regularly.

            I wish you all the best. If you need any help just knock me!

  5. Hi Respected Mamun bro,

    It’s my pleasure to write something useful for my blog readers.
    Yes, i am also getting good traffic from facebook.
    Hope you found this article helpful, definitely give a try!

    And, what about your blog monetization plan?
    Would love to know. Will you?

    Happy blogging!

  6. Hello, MINHAJ Bro

    You’re doing a good job for your readers!

    I love active Facebook groups to drive instant traffic.

    Thanks for your awesome tricks, hope i’ll try.

    Have a great day.

    Happy Blogging 🙂

  7. Hey Minhaj

    Great detailed explanation. Thank you for sharing this with us. Will surely use this method. It was a pleasure reading this. Thanks

    1. Hi Sandile,
      It’s my pleasure that you have founded this article helpful.
      Really, i see some guy sell this method for money, you can also do that!!
      This trick works and one of friend use this trick to promote my blog on so many facebook groups. I am thankful to her!!
      By using this method you can promote your business on facebook easily!

      Anyway, thanks for your nice comment.
      Would love to see you more times!
      And, what about your blog?
      Have a nice day!

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