Is it Possible to Gain 5 Pounds Overnight? Get Best Answer Now!!!

You might be searching this question on google and on various forums but not getting any expected answer on that? But here in this “Questions and Answers” section you can ask anything you want and get the solution by others. Well, this type of questions are commonly asked by many people.  So, you are too asking this, but do not worry. Read this answer here now!

Is it really possible to gain 5 pounds overnight?

Firstly you have to confess that everything is possible! Right? Nothing is impossible for human being 😀 Well, on regarding this question i wanna say that, yes it is somewhat possible but not for everyone. You may ask why not for everybody? Yes, lot;s of things depends on that. You are healthy and i am sick, you have different weight than any others and so many things. But if you want to hear in simply, then no it is not very possible to gain 5 pounds overnight.


Yeh, nothing can happen overnight but gradually and slowly. So, it depends. And you have to think that there is a word which is “natural” 😀  So, everything which is natural is always good 😀


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