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You are warmly welcomed to my site bloggercashonline.com I am really happy to see you here. I am assuming that, as you have so much interest to know about me or my site so you have just landed on this page! Right? Well, my name is Minhaj a passionate writer who loves to read and write online. I’m a Google Adsense Publisher, Search Engine Optimizer as well as an Internet Marketer.

Basically, i started this blog by chance! Being a die hard fan of the word “blogging” i started my blogging journey to share my little knowledge with fellow bloggers or who  have heavy interest on blogging as like as you! I always try my best to provide valuable and most useful content to my blog readers.

Because readers or you are my most important assets in the online world.  Is not it? And, i am also a very helpful person especially for all the newbie bloggers. If you are one of them and need any help regarding blogging then just leave a comment below with your issue, i will try my best to help you very quickly. Or you can get connected with me by the mail I am providing below-

Mail: admin@bloggercashonline.com

2 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hello Minhaj,
    It’s nice to see you here in blog world,
    I really appreciate your work you’re doing via this blog.
    I have just contact you via your contact form, check that out.
    Hoping to have reply soon.

    1. Hello, Faizan!
      Yeah it’s been so much pleasure to meet you!
      I am so glad that you are loving my blog. I really appreciate it bro!

      Yeah… I replied your email! Check it out bro.
      Happy blogging.

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