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My name is Minhaj.  I am very glad to see you on my site If you have any queries, opinions or suggestions regarding my site or any of the contents, then you are warmly welcomed to inform me about that. I am a very simple man who prefer to share knowledge with others and have keen interest on learning new things every single moment.

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  1. Eloise McClinton Reply

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  2. Russel Benning Reply

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  3. Umer Ishfaq Reply


    How are you doing? I aim to provide you a high quality, free of cost guest post article for your amazing website.

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    If my topic ideas happen to appeal you, I’ll send over the article. I would just need a backlink in return of the article. The backlink needs to be within the body of the article.

    Please let me know your response to this, if I shall send topic ideas?

    Looking forward.


    Umer Ishfaq

    • MINHAJ Post authorReply

      Hi Umer Ishfaq!
      Yeah, I’m doing pretty good!
      Well.. you can send me the topic ideas at first! If the content is unique and relevant to my niche then definitely i will publish the article on my website 😀
      My pleasure!

  4. Annie Angel Reply

    I am Annie from White Ranking Technologies.
    Blockchain is the most emerging technology with impeccable advantages.
    This technology has completely revamped the present mobile application market and made it more safe and secure.
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    We are interested to submit our infographic on your website as your audience might find it interesting and engaging. Please have a look at the infographic, and let me know your thoughts on it.

    Awaiting your response.
    Thanks in advance.

    • MINHAJ Post authorReply

      Well… You can publish the infographic on my website! But..with a 1000+ words of article along the infographic.
      It’s my pleasure 😀

  5. Junedur Rahman Reply

    Hello, how’s it going? I came on this blog through warriorforum. Thank you so much for the awesome posts. You can definitely put really complicated things in easy wordings. I am a newbie at this. Trying to make online methods source of my income. I was wondering if I borrow some your valuable time to learn from you? Finding a coach is a really effective way of progressing towards success. Is it possible? Thanks. Best wishes.

      • MINHAJ UDDIN Post authorReply

        Hi Junedur!

        I replied your mail with the question you have asked! Hope you got it rightly!

        Thanks for connecting with me!

        Be free to connect with me anytime 😀

  6. Vivek Pandey Reply

    Hello there,
    I read some of your posts and since then I’ve been following your blog. You have written some very effective posts and this is the reason the Alexa ranking of your blog has improved so much in the past few weeks.
    I am also a blogger, obviously not as good as you but I’m putting all my efforts into it.
    this is the link to my blog
    We all need peers to excel in this blogging world.
    I just wanted to say “Hi” to you. We might be able to help each other in future.
    Best wishes

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