How to Get more Traffic to Your Website ~ Proven way to Follow

How to get more traffic to your website: We many bloggers are following different traffic driving tricks for our blog regularly. Besides of search engine traffic we can also get some free website or blog traffic by forum marketing. This is not only a method for getting more traffic to your website daily!

Yes, there are so many ways we can follow. But we some newbie blogger want easy method get more traffic to their website. So, in this post you will know how to get more traffic to your website free by forum marketing.

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You know that forums are best way for getting more website traffic now days.

In this way you can get some good numbers of free traffic for your blog daily. Do not get me wrong. Many pro-blogger also use forum marketing to get more traffic to blog.

But, some newbie blogger do not follow or take some proper action, as they do not get expected result.

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This article is specially for those starting out bloggers who fail to get more traffic to their blog by forum marketing!

Read this entire post patiently if you are serious about to get website traffic freely!

How to use forum to get more free website traffic?

Yes, there are so many online forums where you can join for increasing traffic to your website easily. If you follow some proper ways you can drive expected amount of traffic to your blog daily.

how to get more traffic to my website

Some mistake newbie blogger make in Forum Marketing:

1. They are hungry to get traffic without hard work. (Do not mind please). Oh! Man, success do not come in a day! You have to understand that!

2. It is a big mistake what they do is, join unrelated hundreds of forums and spam here and there! As a result they get ban from forum! (It is good for us, because we always want get more traffic to our website by playing our self smart)

3. They have no sense how to market their brand. They only busy with self promotion. (Actually, they are not eager to help others)

4. They expect to rich quickly in a short time. (If they fail, they think it’s useless)

There are so many common mistakes they do. I am not here to tell their mistake, but want to write some useful point for them.

 (If I write only about their mistake, this post may be get too long or they will mind)

Note: Do not get me wrong. What I have said above, it’s not mean that I mentioned all bloggers.

I said it about some (newbie) bloggers. Not to all!

how to get traffic to my website freely?

Ok, it’s not my main purpose! Without wasting valuable time let’s go…

What can I do to get traffic by forum marketing?

well, find some niche related forum by searching on Google. (I mean related to your blog topics). Firstly you can choose 2-3 forums to maintain correctly.

Mind: it is more important to go through related forum, if you want to get good result by forum marketing! You can use search strings to find relevant forums. Like- Your Keyword “inurl:/forum”


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how to get more traffic to your website

* You should think firstly about that forums must be active and have good numbers of members to reach your goal!

* Forums should be high PR and have good domain authority also. After finding topics related forum then –

1. Read First the Forum Rules: Before creating account on forum, you must read the forum’s rules. So, read carefully the privacy policy page of forum and understand what is allowed or what is now allowed!

It will help you to generate clear idea about this forum. Otherwise you may get ban your account for violence of any rules.

2. Create Account: Ok, now you have to create an account by accepting their rules and filling details about you what forum require.

3. Add Your Signature: After creating successful account now you are going to add your signature. Generally we know signature is our name. But, here we can smartly use our desired keyword or blog name.

*Always mind that make your signature name interested what others will see it. Make sure not to forget link your site URL in signature box as a Hyper-link!

how to get more traffic to your website

* After adding signature you can join in the discussion if you are knowledgeable about this topic. It is wise not to start marketing your site from first day.

* Wait about a week to market your site. Because if you start to put your blog link quickly you will consider as a spammer on the eyes of Admin! So, make interesting discussion on forum and help others by answering their question.

If you able to help others than people will surely visit your profile and they also feel interest to visit your site via signature you added before.

how to get traffic to your website fast

You can also start new thread if you are expert on any topic. In this new thread you can also put your link if it is worthy to put here. Play smart on your nice and be Active on Forums Regularly to get more traffic to your website.

If you are marketing on too many forums, then you need to maintain all properly.

Suppose you have 10 forums to market your site, you can divide your time by spending at least 20 minutes on each forum daily. Always mind that be active on forums to engage others and prove yourself you are an helpful person.

There are too many ways you can follow to get good traffic. But I think forums are best way get more traffic to your website daily. It has no specific calculation how much traffic you can drive by forum marketing!

But it is true that, these traffics are targeted and completely free of cost! Do you believe that?

Are you still asking how to get more traffic to my website?

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Ok, if you find this post useful then please help me to spread the word by sharing this post with your friends.

I believe that you will definitely do this for your friends to help them to know this method get more traffic to their website. They may also find it helpful!

What do you think about this how to get more traffic to your website article?

Are you using this method for getting more traffic to your website daily? How much time you spent on forum marketing?

Will you please share your thought with me? Waiting for your comment!

14 thoughts on “How to Get more Traffic to Your Website ~ Proven way to Follow”

  1. This is very interesting and helpful, i started a few days ago to participate in forums and i can surely say, it works. Thanks Minhaj.

    1. Hi Patrick!
      I am very pleased to know that you loved this post! Yes, forums works amazingly when you are on very targeted and active forums. While posting on forums one need to add value to post. Thus, way he or she can build more trust on forums and promote site to get more exposure!

      Anyway, thanks for adding more value in this post!
      Would love to see you again here!

  2. Hi Jess,
    Yes, you are right! We need to find forum in our niche for best results. And being more active on niche related forum we can get more traffic to our website!
    Anyway, i am so glad to see your comment.

  3. Nice article, These methods are helpful to get traffic in your website. In forum posting you have to find forums in your niche that are active, also you want to use your keyword in quotes plus forum, little ad-words add on the forum helps to improve more traffic.

  4. Sandile Nxumalo

    Minhaj, you’re always welcome. It’s a pleasure Minhaj, you do have a good taste. I will always stop by.

  5. Sandile Nxumalo

    Hey Minhaj, this is outstanding. I always recommend forums, and one of the most profitable ways to get daily traffic to your website or blog is by commenting on other niche blogs, always share good thoughts or comment in a professional way – then other people will surely want to visit your site. And, make sure you follow top bloggers in the niche on Twitter, and their followers – this is great too and may surely blow up the daily traffic.

    Great post Minhaj

    Talk soon


    1. Hi Sandile,
      Yes, i agree with you bro! Forums are great way to drive some good traffic to our blog daily. We need to add value on forums. Only link posting will not get you traffic. You need to engage others by making interesting discussion.
      And, commenting on other blogs works greatly. Here we should comment on relevant high traffic blogs. It is a good strategy to comment first as soon as possible. If you able to be a first commentator then there is huge chance to get more traffic to your blog daily. Generally i do comment on commentluv blogs most. I am getting good result by following this method.

      However, thanks for adding more value in this post.
      Would love to see you again on my blog.
      Happy blogging!

  6. Hi John,
    Yes you are right! We need to track traffic to measure our site performance. To get more traffic to our website we should focus on quality content!
    However, thanks for sharing Gostats! I use analytics to track traffic of my website.
    Would love to see you again. Keep visiting.
    Happy blogging!

  7. This are the nice methods to increase traffic but you need analytics to track this traffic so that you can measure site performance. Install analytics, there are so many tools available like Gostats, it works much better then Google analytics & gathers genuine data. Its free.

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