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Best 500+ Top Active Popular Facebook Groups List~Download Free

Most popular Facebook groups list usa: Do you want to get good numbers of referral traffic to your blog? Still working very hard daily to drive more website traffic? But not getting expected results? What if you can share your recent blog post on different facebook groups having millions of members? Do you need top fb group names list? Facebook is now the most trending and most visited social media sites all over the internet. It makes more easier to share and have chat with friends by it’s one of features call facebook messengers apps. This is really very interesting to talk with everyone is a short period of time! So, you can make the proper uses of facebook to share your awesome content and get visitors to your site!

Well, Lets move on the main part:

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Most Popular Active Facebook Groups names list in 2017 and 2018

OK, in this post I am going to share with you some of the most active Facebook groups list related blogging and others which can definitely help you to drive referral traffic to your site regularly by sharing your blog on the active popular groups on Facebook. You know that, bloggers are also using Facebook to get referral traffic to their blog as it is one of the most effective traffic sources!

most popular facebook groups list

Top USA Facebook Groups list with the Highest Members

Yes, you can also take advantages from these active Facebook groups list! So, without bothering you it will be better to go through these top Facebook groups list name where you can join for free and promote your content!

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I thought it would be easy for you to get these Facebook groups name list in one place. So, I arranged the list accordingly to your need! All these groups are Blogging related so you can join here as you are also a Blogger or not 😀

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Top  Active Blogging Facebook Groups list For Marketing

1. Blogging Paradise:

Blogging paradise is an awesome and one of the most popular groups on Facebook for every blogger. They can share their opinion in this group. Like other post to engage others to get like in your post. I think you should share only related blog post to get much attention for getting referral traffic. So, it’s time to join this group and after approval you can share your blog post!

Join group Now- Blogging Paradise


2. Smashing Bloggers

You can join this group for promoting your blog. It is an open group you can get help or try to help other member in blogging niche! If you are smart in blogging niche you can get good traffic by helping other with valuable solution. Try to help them as their needs!

Trick– A great call to action works amazingly, so solve their problem by writing some sentence instead of giving full answer and tell them to follow this post to get full answer.

Join group Now- Smashing Bloggers


3. Bloggers worldwide

This group is for all bloggers everywhere in the world. Join this popular group on facebook and try to post your link without spamming. I mean you should abide by group’s rule! Not only share your post but also try to share other post as well as they will also share your post which will bring more exposure to your blog!

Join group Now- bloggers worldwide


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4. Blogger’s Point:

Join blogger’s point Facebook group and share you ideas with other blogger. Make interesting discussion and give proper solution for them who want to help! Engage group members and share your latest blog post for getting referral traffic.

Join group Now- Blogger’s Point


  List of most popular groups name on Facebook in 2015 , 2016 and 2017


5. BlogShare:

Yes, the name of this group is blog share. It makes sense to share your post in this group as its name telling us what to do!! Join this group and share your latest post, make discussion with other for building relation with them. This will help you to get spread your blog by this networking.

Join group Now – BlogShare


6. Blogging help:

This group is created for both newbie and pro blogger. In this group there are too many newbie blogger asking their question and pro are helping them by valuable answer. So, it is a great chance for you to get good referral traffic from this group. As many members are hungry to find their best solution. Let’s show your expertise and drive more referral traffic to your blog daily!!

Join group Now – blogging help


7. Everything About Blogging:

Here you will find everything about blogging. If not, then help them to find your blog by sharing your blog in this group! Share your latest blogging related post and engage them to visit your blog. Give valuable suggestion and like other post to avoid spam!

Join group Now- Everything About Blogging


8. Blogger’s Network:

Network with other blogger by joining this group. This group is open for blogger to share post, like other post and give valuable suggestion. Promote your blog post and get some good referral traffic via this group!

Join group Now- Blogger’s Network

List of most popular biggest members Facebook groups name!

9. Blogger Help Community:

In this group bloggers try to help other by solving problem. Many active members you can find in this group. Take part of discussion with bloggers and share your post also with you. It is not good to spam anywhere in online. So, try to avoid spam and get free referral traffic to your blog by sharing and engaging others!

Join group Now- Blogger Help Community


10. Blog Promotion:

Promote your blog by joining blog ‘promotion Facebook Group’! Also, try to like, comment and share other post. You can get like in your post and increase your follower too! list of top groups on Facebook.

Join group Now –Blog Promotion


+Bonus Facebook groups name list for you!


  • Bloggers and guest bloggers:

Yes, it is a best Facebook groups for blogger! It is an open group where guest blogger and blogger meet with others. May be the group admin want to get guest blogger, internet marketer, freelancer and so on! It could be a great place where you can find your best client. So, you can join this group see what’s going! It is also a best Facebook group where you can find valuable suggestion from other blogger!!

Join group Now- Bloggers and guest bloggers


So, finally you have got the blogging related Facebook groups names list! Right?

fb group names list to share website

Now it is your turn to join these groups for getting some referral traffic to your blog. I think these best Facebook groups will surely help you to increase website traffic!

Believe me , I and one of my friend John use some of these active Facebook groups and getting good results day by day. I have several blogs and I use some of the most popular active Facebook groups to promote my blogs daily.

While promoting my blog I firstly make plan how to promote and then move accordingly plan.

Biggest Facebook Groups Name list to promote blog!

Generally it will be  good to share your blog post on  the most related groups minimum 2 times in a day! You should bear in mind that spamming is not allowed in any group. If you blindly share more times in groups you may ban from group instead of getting some referral traffic.

So, try to understand the goal! If you make habit of promoting blog correctly then it will surely help you to reach your goal! Make best use of these most popular active Facebook groups and get more referral traffic from Facebook groups to your blog daily!

cute fb group names list for best friends blog

100+ Random list of Top members Facebook Groups Name to join-

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Biggest Members Facebook groups names list
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66 67

Top Facebook groups names list USA
73 74

fb group names list 2018


Popular Facebook groups names list



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I request you to share these top active Facebook groups list with your friends, this post may help them a lot!

One question: How much Facebook groups in your list you use to promote your blog?

Keep visiting this blog and i will surely give you more new most popular active Facebook groups list  with the highest usa members very soon?

Oh, do you have any Facebook group?

Glad you have enjoyed these fb group names list. Well, let me know it in the comment box below, definitely I will join in your Facebook groups if you accept me 😛  Will you?

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    Anyway, would love to know how much google plus communities on your list you use to promote your blog?

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      Anyway, thanks for your comment.
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    I think sharing on multiple groups at a time is time consuming.
    Do you know you can post on more facebook groups with out spamming, Sandile?

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    I think you may know this method. If not, then let me know i will try to write a detailed post on my blog!

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    I like to talk such kind of like minded people like as you.

    Definitely going to check out your group soon!

    1. Hey Minhaj

      I share manually as Jetpack socialize does not allow you to autopost on groups. Most of the traffic I get daily is from Facebook groups and my entire mail list is from groups. I request email addresses on Facebook and people leave their email addresses I can say it’s massive traffic. Thanks again

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    Would love to know from you- how many times you share your post on facebook groups a day?

    And, how many group are in your list you use to promote your blog daily?
    Waiting for your reply, Sandile!

  13. Hey Minhaj

    I am also in the Blogging Paradise group, but there are many groups I may also recommend you check out Online Money Income with 83 493 active members! And the Make Money Online with 78 822 members! These groups are active and they can also help grow your daily traffic. Thanks Minhaj

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