Top High PR Web 2.0 Sites in 2017 – 100+ Best Free list!

Best web 2.0 submission sites 2017:  First of all, if you are not much familiar with what is web 2.0 then let me explain it. Basically, web 2.0 sites are user generated sites where user can produce content freely. You can make your site on web 2.0s sub domain.  There you can create your own blog without spending a single penny! Some examples of web 2.0 sites are Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr etc!


Well, here in this post you are going to get an awesome list of high PR Web 2.0 sites.

I have arranged an excellent list for you; definitely you will love this one.


To be honest, I have decided to write this post as I have some success on creating web 2.0 sites and getting rank by building backlink from various top web 2.0 sites.

The best parts of web 2.0 sties are they have high domain authority which is the most interesting things for every blogger who are trying to build backlink for their website.

You must know that, in the SEO field backlinks are the backbone of a site to rank higher on the search results. The more high quality backlink you have the more chance you have to beat your competitors on the SERPs.

But, you have to keep in mind that, only backlinks will not help you to achieve this. You have to do proper on page SEO as well as off page SEO in order to get expected results. Because on page SEO is a must and very first tasks in terms of Search engine Optimization.

If you have not done your on page SEO properly then you are at risk. You can read the article below I have for you!



Best on page SEO Techniques: 9 Proven on site Formulas

Well, it is highly recommend to do the on site SEO rightly by following best practices then move for off page SEO. Because, without proper on page SEO you can not get ranking on Google, even, if you do off page SEO all day all night! So, make your way easy to go and do not make it complicated even doing hard work. After completing on site SEO correctly, go for off site SEO if you want better results on Google Ranking.


Follow this article below for off page SEO.


Off page SEO Techniques: Don’t avoid these 6 best off Site SEO Tips

Actually, SEO is very broad, that’s why we can not left anything which is relevant to search engine optimization, so related topics always appear naturally, you know!


Alright, let’s dive into the main topic of this post what we are going to discuss in this post right now!
Taking backlink from Web 2.0 sites is very effective, because Google gives much priority as they are trusted and staying long time on web years after years. So, we can not miss this big opportunity as it’s completely free of cost to create web 2.0 sites!

But, here you have to abide by the rules if you want to get better results. I mean, just creating tons of web 2.0 sites throwing spun content in them will not give you expected results. So, it will be better to follow right guidelines and use unique hand written content for getting good results on creating web 2.0 properties!


Alright, now take these awesome collection of web 2.0 sites with high page rank-

Top high PR web 2.0 sites list in 2017

I hope you have got this post useful. Do not forget to share this top web 2.0 sites list with your friends too, he may be looking for this one! Happy blogging!

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  1. Hi Minhaj,

    You might include:

    They also have Ad sharing(50/50), Anti-splog (quality web 2.0) and phpBay Pro(make money) plugins enable. Those may be used for more than SEO. Yes, those are mine. 😉

    Thanks for the list!

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