Working ping submission sites list 2017: Do you want to index your new blog post quickly? Or, facing problem to get indexed your old blog post rightly?

Do not worry:

I have something very interesting for you in this post. You will definitely love this one!

Basically, we have to wait for some times to index our new published article by google. It is a natural process which google do it naturally. And, it is the best methods to index content in Search engines. In this case, we have to tell google to crawl our site that we have just published a new content. But, sometimes we have to wait for it long time.

So, if you want, you do not need to wait for it. You can better index it quickly!

That’s why pinging methods are generally popular to lot’s of bloggers.


Actually, pinging sites makes it easy to get your content index in various search engines. So, what exactly these ping sites do! They, notify Google or others search engines that there is a new content need to get index! It is very fast process to get your indexing job done!



Here i am going to share you a list of updated ping submission sites below-


Top list of WordPress Ping sites in 2017


All you need is to put these pinging sites in “Update Services” Area in your WordPress! You can find it by going Setting then below in writing section.

So, i wish you have got this post useful. Always try to ping your site naturally. Though, it takes a little bit time but it will better if it get indexed naturally by Google.

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