How to Decrease Bounce Rate of your Blog? 5 Tips to Follow!

Tips to decrease bounce rate:  You might have heard that, bounce rate is one of the painful problem for a website or blog! Yes, it hurts a website in many ways on ranking. If the bounce rate of your site is high then there is Red signal for you! To get rid of this big problem, keep reading this whole blog post patiently!

What is Bounce rate?

Basically, bounce rate indicates the percentage of a website traffics that leave the site after visiting a single page in a particular time. The lower percentage the better for a website. Bounce rate is calculated in Percentage (100). Anything below 30%-20% is good. And, over 60%-70% is not well for a website. That means, you have to decrease it’s percentage as much as possible.

Some reasons of High Bounce rate:

  • Your website is not in mobile-friendly design.
  • Website has very low quality content.
  • Website takes long time to load which mean slow loading pages.
  • Content of your site is not providing value to readers.
  • Have too many ads in your site.
  • Absences of good call to action and so on!


Effective ways to decrease bounce rate of a site rightly:


1. Optimize website for Mobile.

If your website is not mobile friendly then you have to do it. Because, one of the search algorithm update of Google is “Mobilegeddon” tell us to design website for mobile. It is very essential to design your site for mobile device. Your website may receives a lot of traffic from mobile devices so they may not able to access your site comfortably that’s why they leave your site  instantly before visiting another page. So, the bounce rate is extremely high which is very bad for a site. You won’t get good ranking if your site is not well optimized for mobile. Now it is high time to make sure your site is mobile friendly.  Here is an excellent Guide from Google which can teach you about making a site mobile-friendly.


2. Optimize the content rightly.

As we all know that, content is always king! If your content is not well written and not optimized correctly, then you have to work on it. Well optimized content means, content is in right format which can increase the user experience.  You have to give more importance in creating high quality content which fulfills the needs of the users all the time. 1 high quality content is better than 100 very low quality content! So, what you have to do is write more engaging content for your audience and provide them what exactly they are expecting.

How to write content in right format?

  • Write fresh content keeping in mind of the audience. Not for search engines.
  • Make sure that the content you are creating is worth to happy the readers.
  • Format the content rightly by using proper Heading tag, short paragraph, right uses of bullet and numbers list.
  • Content should not have any grammatical problem or does not sound as UN-professional.
  • Use image, chart, info-graphics and video in content to make it more professional and appealing to readers etc.


3. Work on Website’s loading times.

Website loading time is one of very important to decrease the bounce rate of your website. You know that, readers do not love to visit a site which takes time to load. And, it can bring you even bad results if you have more mobile traffic especially.

Typically, you have to make sure that your site load within 2-3 seconds to have great boost in decreasing high bounce rate. Yes, it has also huge impact on ranking a website on SERPs.

So, how can I decrease loading time of my website?

You may be asking:

Well, you can work on these two easy ways which can help you to decrease website loading time.


  • Optimize the Images of your site:  If images are not well optimize that you have to do it right now! Image can increase the loading time of a site. You can use WordPress plugin to optimize or compress size without losing quality of image. Here is a good word press image optimization plug-in you can use to automatically optimize all of your website’s images while uploading on website.


  • Using Web browser Caching Plugin: All you have to do is install this W3 Total Cache plugin on your WordPress site rightly and the plugin will do the rest! It is very easy to setup and more effective to decreases the bounce rate of website.

And you can also read this very detailed Guide on decreasing website loading time.


4. Make Good Website Navigation.

If the navigation of your site is not well then visitors will not stay long or visit anymore. Readers always love to navigate from one page to another easily to find their information. When they find any difficulties to navigate feel angry and click on back button which leads you high bounce rate of your site. So, try to use a light theme and clear navigation layout on your website. Also, do internal link properly from one post to another. Use recent widget or most popular widget in your sidebar.

And, do not forget to use related post plugin on your site also. You can use this WordPress Related Post  plugin which is free!


5. Use less Ads on your site.

If you are using too many ads on your site then it is one of the reasons that your website’s loading time is high and bounce rate is too! It is very easy to plaster your site with ads but do you know that how it can increase bounce rate?  Also, using any kind of popup ads or op-tin can cause this problem.  I am not saying you not to use any mail subscription plugin or widget! You have to think about the user experience of your site to get rid of all the problems.

Here is an awesome article with nice  info-graphics on decreasing bounce rate  from Neil Patel’s blog.


Make sure that which one you are missing on your site and take proper action to solve that problem. If you able to fix all the problem then you can definitely decrease bounce rate of website.

I wish you have found the post useful. Share your thoughts about how to decrease bounce rate of a site rightly in the comment box below now! I am eagerly waiting to hear from you!

2 thoughts on “How to Decrease Bounce Rate of your Blog? 5 Tips to Follow!”

  1. Getting traffic is one of the hardest part, but once visitors visit our blog/site its a challenging part to stay for long time and browse the other pages of the web. you have explained clearly most of the points are genuinely helpful but need a good unique content with catchy images and Mobile friendly and site speed plays the key role to reduce the bounce rate .. Thanks MINHAJ UDDIN ! for sharing a good post.

    1. Hi Charan!

      Yes, we all know content is always king. We have to write unique content for our readers to engage them. If they get the content useful then, definitely they will stay long time in the site. And, using relevant catchy images in post is also good idea to attract the users as well as helps to decrease bounce rate of a site.

      Anyway, thanks for dropping a mind blowing comment in this post.

      Would love to see you often, Charan!

      Happy blogging!

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