Off page seo techniques: Don’t avoid these 6 best off page SEO tips

Off page seo techniques: There are two kinds of SEO. One is On page SEO and another is Off page SEO.

On page SEO is the first step for your blog and most important for ranking on the SERPs.

If there any wrong in on page SEO, it will suffer you long time to recover this big mistake. So, do proper on page SEO by following some best on page SEO techniques.


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OK, after completing on page SEO in your blog, now you should go for off page SEO.

what is off page seo?
Here what say-
OffPage SEO refers to all the things that you can do directly OFF your website to help you rank higher, such as social networking, article submission, forum, directory,social bookmarking etc”

Basically off page SEO is different from on page seo.  Gradually you will get results by implementing Off page seo techniques.

So, let’s know some best off page SEO techniques for ranking your blog or website better in the SERP.


Off page SEO Techniques in 2017


Some benefits of SEO Off Page SEO Optimization are-


#. Increase more popularity in the SERPs.

#. Get more online exposure for your site.

#. Increase page rank of your desired blog or website.

#. Get more valuable link and good domain authority also.

#. Increase more social media value of your blog.



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However, there are so many benefits of off page SEO. It can boost your web rank quickly if you do it correctly.

OK, below are some best Off page SEO strategies you should follow now!


Best Off page SEO technique to increase ranking


  1. Search Engine Submission:

After publishing your blog content you should firstly submit it on search engines. Submitting your blog URL helps search engines to crawl your blog quickly. There are so many search engines, but no need to submit in all search engines. Submit on most popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.


  1. Bookmark Your Blog:

Bookmarking your blog on various high pr dofollow social bookmarking sites can help you to get High quality backlink and also more online reputation. It is always better to bookmark your blog on top high quality bookmarking sites. All you need is to create account on these bookmarking sites and start submitting your blog post daily. When you publish new post then bookmark it on these sites.

Generally I bookmark my blog on some most popular bookmarking sites below-


Off page SEO techniques to follow in 2017:


  1. Posting article as a guest:

Guest posting is also a great Off page seo strategy! It is some hard for newbie bloggers. But you can do this if your writing quality is good. Always write guest post on top and high traffic sites. There are so many sites that accept guest post. By guest posting you can get huge traffic to your blog and as well as quality backlink. I generally guest post on top Alexa rank blog which generates huge traffic daily.

So, find some top blog related to your blog and go for guest posting.


  1. Directory Submission:

Directory submission still works if you submit your blog on niche related blog rightly. While doing directory submission you have to find correct category for your blog. It is also one of the best off page SEO tips! Proper directory submission can help you to boost your blog rank on the top of SERPs.

All you need is to find high quality directory on your niche. I got good results by submitting my blog on most popular directories below-


DMoz India

Directory world

Free website directory


To get more directory site list read this article below-

NEW Top 300+ Free High PR Directory Submission Sites List for blog 2016

Best Off page seo techniques you should follow:


  1. Posting on forums:

I have written article about how you can get huge traffic by forum marketing successfully. It is also a good source to get more traffic to your blog daily.

Add more value on forum discussion and help others by proving useful information. Find do follow forum related your blog niche and create account on these forums and add your blog link on signature.


Look at this Excellent article- Get 101+ Dofollow High PR 2-8 Forum posting sites list Freely


Some most popular forum where you can join-


  1. Quality Blog Commenting:

One of my best Off page seo technique is commenting on blog. Because besides of getting new ideas reading others blog we can also build backlink for our blog.

I always comment on commentLuv blogs daily. Yes, it’s works if you do it correctly. I generally comment on those blog which has high traffic and good domain authority.

Here is a list of great commentLuv blogs you can use it for blog commenting.


Boost Your Blog traffic Now! Take 100+ CommentLuv sites Completely Free!


Some techniques you can follow while commenting on blog-

  1. Make a list of top blogs related to your blog niche.
  2. Blogs have commentLuv enabled and have good numbers of visitors daily.
  3. Use Feedly to get new published post updates and comment first as soon as possible!


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Follow these best Off page seo techniques properly and you will see good results soon!

Always mind that do not over optimize your blog for search engines. You should provide valuable content for your readers and if they love your content, search engines will also love your blog. Do not get upset while doing SEO. Do SEO slowly and you will never been caught by search engines. If you try to play smart with search engines then your blog may get penalized.


What do you think about this “Off page seo techniquescin 2017” article.

Are you following these best off page seo techniques for your blog?

What more Off page seo techniques I can add in this article?

Would love to hear from you! If you know then, comment below!

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