Get Instant Website Traffic: Best 5 Powerful Ways to Follow

Get Instant Website Traffic: Whatever you tell, you have to believe that traffic is the heart of a blog. It is true that, without traffic there is no mean to write content unnecessarily. Just ask yourself one time, Why i am writing content on my blog all the time? Definitely, you want traffic to read your blog post. And, the main purpose of yours is to provide valuable content to the blog readers all the time. If you are not able to give useful content which the readers are in need of then, you will not get the traffic you are expecting. So, right now in this post i am going to write on some of the most effective traffic driving ways which can be very useful for you to get more traffic to your website on a regular basis. Let’s see what are these ways-

Effective ways to get instant website traffic


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1.Be A Guest Poster on High Traffic Sites:

Guest Posting still works if you do it rightly. To get most out of it, you have to find some high traffic loading sites. And, it is also very necessary to select nice related blog sites. To get accepted your post on different guest posting sites, you need to provide unique and very useful post which is one of the most important facts. Always, keep in mind that, the more you are creative on your writing the more readers you will get to read your post. Now days, it is still effective to do guest post on niche related and high traffic sites to get expected results. So, why are you thinking of it?

2. Effective Redd It Marketing:

It can be a very reliable source for you if you know how to win the power of reddit! it is said Reddit is the front page of Internet! Yes, you guessed it rightly!This sites loads millions of traffic every month! Just imagine how much powerful it is! But, they have very hard policy. Alright! Firstly signup on reddit and the next step is to earn karma as much as possible. You have to wait for some days to share your own link. Meantime, share others link on reddit to gain the authority. In this time, you may share various authority sites so you can get trust by the reddit.  After collecting karma now post your sites link on relevant sub-reddit very rightly with good title and meta description. It is very effective ways to get a lot of free traffic if you implement correctly! You can also run paid reddit ads as like as Facebook ads!


3.Make Right uses of Facebook Boost Option:

Yes, you got it rightly. I am talking about the paid Facebook marketing. The most powerful traffic driving ways you can’t believe unless you try it! For this you need to run ads on Facebook rightly. Smart marketers are implementing this strategy and driving huge traffic to their sites. So, it will be better if you have some budget then try this method.  Around 1.4 billion of users are using now Facebook alone. You can run ads for $5 to reach around 3000-4000 audience which is good start to get some targeted traffic. Whats you have to do is to run ads very smartly to save some buck but get most out of it! I think you got it what i am saying! You can read this step by step guide on running Facebook Ads successfully!


4. Free Niche Relevant Forum Marketing:

Forum marketing is an old tricks to get traffic. Marketers use this old traffic driving strategy to drive loads of free traffic to their website. You can get most of out it by only marketing on niche relevant high traffic loading sites. You have to keep in mind that, only submitting your link on UN-related forums will not get you results. Online forums are now-days very stick to keep the web clean. So, be smart on forum submission and drive good blog traffic. Here is a top forum posting sites list you can take it freely!

5. Niche Relevant Blog Commenting:

Blog comments still works on getting referral traffic. Many people says, it does not works. You know that, noting won’t happen if you exactly don’t know how to make uses of anything rightly. Blog commenting does not mean to leave a spam comment and place link by saying thanks for sharing. Go to nice specific blog and read the post and try to understand about that post and share your thoughts or opinions on comment. By this way, you will not get traffic but also make long time relation with fellow bloggers. In my previous article i have written an article about effective blog commenting Tricks you can read it now!


Effective methods to get Targeted traffic to blog


Getting some good traffic a blog  quickly is not an easy task you have to trust it. If that, so why many bloggers are working hard to get it. But, they really work hard on creating valuable content to make happy to the readers and get good rank on SERPs. Always produce awesome content to make google happy as well as your audience too! Once you know what your readers are wanting then you can able to provide them as per as their needs. So, keep producing most useful blog content which get shared by readers automatically then, you will never think of getting more traffic as well as high quality backlink. Read this article on effective content marketing tips for better results.

I hope you have read this post and found it useful. I will be happy to know your thoughts regarding best traffic driving methods. Do not hesitate to comment on this post.

Which methods are you following to get instant traffic to your Website?

3 thoughts on “Get Instant Website Traffic: Best 5 Powerful Ways to Follow”

  1. Reddit is a good way. They have a lot of subreddits. I submit my videos to /newtubers subreddit.
    Minhaj, what’s your favorite way to drive traffic to your projects?

    1. Hi Alex!

      Yes, if you know Reddit marketing and submit your site on relevant sub-reddits then you can get better results!

      Well, my main and most favorite way is to drive traffic from search engines. About 90% of traffic visit my site from Google only! You know Alex, search engine traffic converts well than the other sources!!!

      However, thanks for joining in this conversation! I am happy to see you here!

      Would love to see you often, Alex!

      Keep visiting!

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