Get more blog comments: 4 Proven Tricks to get flood of comment

Getting more comment on blog is too much interesting! Every blogger want to get more comment on their blog and it is also a common issue for every newbie bloggers.

They are always looking for ways to get more comment on blog.


In this article we are about to learn-

How to get more comment on blog?

Before going to deep we will know some –

Benefits of Blog Comments-

You know that making comment on others blog can help you to build backlink for your site. We can get high rank in the search engines by creating backlink.

And for building backlink we use blog commenting. Blog commenting is a part of off page seo Techniques!

By commenting on related high PR blog you can build high authority of your blog.

By that way, you can rank your site on the search engines like Google, which means more traffic to your blog daily. And by this ways you can earn money from your blog from the traffic!

Now here in this post you will learn some best ways to get more comment on blog easily. And all these methods are working for bloggers!


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How to Get Comment on Your Blog: Easy steps to follow!


1. Ask question on easy subject:

Yes, all you have to ask any question to your blog readers. Always remember, the question you are asking should be very easy. Because, if you ask them any difficult question then, some of your blog readers feel somewhat hard to answer the question.

So, asking an easy queries can encourage readers to make answer it rightly. They will be more eager to answer your question to show their expertise! That’s the point!


2. Reward Your Top Commentators:

You might be wondering how it works. Yes, it really works greatly. When you will get more comments on your blog then choose some of the top commentators and reward them. You can give away anything like a Do follow Back-link to them!

Or, you can use this Top Commentators Widget on the blog sidebar! This excellent widget will encourage readers to do more comment on your blog! Give a try!


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3. Reply to the Readers comment:

You should not avoid this easy work! Replying comments can build more trust and and authority too! If readers drop comment on your blog then try to reply back to their comment as soon as possible. There are so many commentators you can find who may ask you any question on the comment box! So, try to answer their question with valuable the comment. Thus ways, readers will love to visit your blog because they are receiving valuable solution from you!


4. Make post on breaking News:

Hmm… this tips works amazingly, you can not realize it until you implement correctly.

You need to write post about breaking news which might attract of your blog readers. Because, you know that people love to know most trending things instead of the old things:-D
So, keep eyes  on new published news or any kind of valuable content and publish it with your own language and writing.
Do not forget to tell them to share their views about that news and blah blah blah!
I wish you may not asking now how to get more comment on my blog?
Do you?
You should keep in your knowledge that, adding more value on your comment can also build trust to readers that you are respecting them!
Always be sure that, do not try to blame your readers. Always try to be friendly with blog readers and try to give solution to their problems if you can.
It is your turn to share what kind of tips you follow for getting more comment on your blog?
Will you please add some of yours in this article?
I will definitely appreciate your words.

11 thoughts on “Get more blog comments: 4 Proven Tricks to get flood of comment”

  1. Incredible! This blog looks like nice! It’s on a
    entirely different topic butt it has pretty much
    the same layout and design. Superb choice of colors!

  2. Hey Minhaj, It’s really a nice and useful piece of info. I am happy that
    you shared this useful information with us. Please keep us informed
    like this. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Hi Neon,
    Yes. it is good idea you shared with us. Distributing article on different social sites we can get more blog visit as well as more blog comment on our blog.

    And, asking them to comment on blog we should tell them it more strategically! It works greatly.

    Anyway, most thanks for adding more value in this article.

    Would love to see you again! ( I made a comment on one of your article! Reply it please:-D)

    Happy blogging!

        1. Sure I will, all I need is your email to foward the article … Or perhaps a contributor access to ease yu d job.

  4. Nice Article Howdy ,

    But here is a Tip from me, to get more comment on my blog, I tell the readers to always leave a comment.

    They are couple of ways to do this , e.g by leaving a signature that says “we love comments- drop your comments below” .

    One way I find charming is by finding a controversial point in my article so my readers could always hook up a conversation with me.

    I also discovered , the more social shares I make the more comments I get, Yes, distributing my article to various social media (especially google plus), leaving a read more link back to me – I find this better to waiting for google search for traffic and comments.

  5. Hi Dan bro,
    I am so glad to see your valuable comment on my blog again!

    I appreciate all of your thoughts. Yes, we need to respond every comment on our blog. It build trust to readers that we are so helpful! I also pointed this on my blog article. By this way we can get more readers to our blog daily. Providing valuable answer and helping them (readers) should be our main purpose if we want to get results.

    Anyway, your presence on my blog added more value and would love to see you again.

    Happy blogging!

  6. Hi Minhaj,

    Nice post on how to get comments on your blog.

    I think it would be good to emphasize that it’s good to ensure to respond to every comment on your blog, it’s one sure way to grow your blog’s comments. If your visitors know that you respond to every comment, they’d be sure to comment more often.

    Great one here bro


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