Top 6 HOT @ SURE-FIRE Strategies to Get Huge Visitors To Your Site

how to increase website traffic through google, social networking , free

You might have to confess yourself that actually you do blogging for Passion , Money or whatever you say 😀 But it shouldn’t be your main purpose to write content for Google robots or other search engines bots especially! Right? You want blog readers to read your content. If Your content is useless there there is no one here to make a visit and read your useless type posts!

Right?  You are still writing content on your blog wishing to get more traffic but not following any Effective content marketing strategies to drive more traffic to your blog. It does not mean to throw content on your blog unnecessarily without adding value on it!

You know that, to get a massive amount of traffic you need to write high quality content which should be very useful and effective for your blog readers.

So, writing valuable content and optimizing with search engines properly, implementing effective content marketing strategies will help you to increase website traffic thorough google or social networking sites on a regular basis.

In this article i am going to share with you some of the most effective strategies which can help you to market your blog for getting more visitors from various sources! So, keep your eyes on this post very attentively 😀 So, without further  talk let’s get straight into it 😀

how to increase website traffic through google, social networking , free

Strategy 1: Implement Guest Post Strategy

Guest posting can be a good strategy for you to drive more traffic to your blog.

For this you need to find high traffic loaded site in your niche for offering guest post. Do not get me wrong! Instead of building backlink, try to offer high quality useful guest post on niche related high traffic based site. Thus way, if you offer valuable content then others will love to know more from you by visiting Author link. Yes! It works if you do it perfectly.

Strategy  2: Re-purposing Blog Contents

You need to re-purpose your blog content in different ways. It will help you to get extra benefits for driving some good traffic.

Re-purpose your existing content into PDF, Podcast, Video, Infographic, Audio, Power point presentation and submit on various PDF submission sites, video submission site, inforgraphic submission site etc.

Strategy  3: Curating The Blog Posts

There are so many sites which allow you to curate your content and give you more online exposure!

Sites like as-,,, Bundlr, Spundge, Roojoom etc. Always try to curate high quality content with eye catching title which force people to read your content!

Strategy 4:  Share Content on Social Bookmarking sites

By promoting your blog content on social bookmarking sites will give you more social value. It can also help you to build more authority to site and give online exposure. There are so many social bookmarking sites available you can use for submitting your content. But you should always read policy before submitting. Sites like as-,,,, and so on! Get a huge collections of Dofollow high PR Social Bookmarking sites list now!

Strategy 5: Use Relevant Online Communities and Groups

Sharing your content on niche related groups can get you more traffic. It is a good idea to target some niche related groups or communities and engage with other members then share something valuable with them. By this way, you not only get traffic but also you can connect with many like minded people!  So, find some relevant groups like, Most Popular Facebook groups, Google Plus communities, LinkedIn groups and Niche based Forums etc.

Strategy 6: Reach out To Your Audience Directly

Reaching out audience and sharing content with them is one of the most sure-fire strategies to get more Targeted Traffic to your site. Reaching out means you are directly going to their (Customer’s) home to offer something! So, it will be a good idea to find the sources where your audience hang out long time for searching their queries or solutions.

If you know who might be your audience then you can easily discover the sources where they stay longer times and hangout most of their times. So, you just have to find it and start promoting your content there. Do not neglect this little thing. Sometimes a small thing can make it bigger that you didn’t expect it before. So, take action in the appropriate times if you wanna be fast than others!

I think if you follow some of these strategies correctly you can drive more traffic to your blog. Always mind, only following strategies will not give you result. You need to take action now and implement some of these strategies one by one to get the actual results!

I would like to hear somethings valuable from you on the comment box bellow. What do you say about these traffic driving techniques?. I will really appreciate your thoughts. Leave your comment below right now!


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