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Latest Shalimar game results : Playing online games are one of the most interesting habits in human being nature. They love to spend most of their time on leisure.

In this modern era, technology is being spreading in such a immense rate that it might cross the limitation of it’s root level. Check out: Upgameking Today’s Results will be keep updating from this site.


It can be said that the alternative name of the word “Game” is “the daily exercise”.


Because, we the people in our regular life notice that after awaking at morning the most first thing we do is check out the notifications on our smartphone , the popup is might be from social media such as facebook or whatsapp or any kind of online games such as PUBG or clash of clans game.

So like this one of the most famous game is shalimar. This is also available on online. One can play it from his or her such a small device like smartphone.

Shalimar game has been taken 2nd place among others game as like as upgameking.

Latest Shalimar Online Results Has Published

This shalimar game is widely popular all over the INDIAshalimar indian latest game results online live img1N states like- Delhi, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Gali, Nagpur, Uttar Pradesh (UP).


In this game, the king is selected by his or her score. He who wins the game is known as the king of that particular shalimar game or upgameking.

For the most awaited users who are actually searching upgameking results online we have got you.

October 2019: UPgameKING Results chart

Here in this page you are consistently going to get latest shalimar game results, upgamking results, shalimar gali, desawar results, nagpur games result, and most popular desawar records chart for all of the past and new year 2018-2019.

And, we do not want you to run over to other site for the records chart as well.


Because, in this page you will also get the desawar records chart, shalimar ghaziabad chart, upgameking record chart of 2019.

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What is shalimar Game?

Shalimar Game is a name of a game after it’s city. Shalimar is a small region of india. This particular game is most played from this regions so that people may call it by this name.

How to play shalimar online?

Whenever you came accross to play a game then you must have to follow some of the rules. Every game has it’s own rules and regulation this game does the same thing here.

When the Shalimar Game Results publish?

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