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How many people live in Canada 2015-16

How many people live in Canada : Canada  is one of the most popular and best countries all over the world. It has large amounts of population living long since. By it’s total number of are this country is called the world’s second largest country and among the north American countries Canada is counted on the largest country too! Canada has an approximately 35.87 million population live in that big country which is ranking on the 37th position in the world ranking report! And, the famous Canadian border the United States is call the longest land border in the world ever!

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How Many People Live in Canada?


people in Canada map-image


Canada is counted on the most populated country all over the world. The number of Canada population density is 3 people per square kilometer (8/square miles) and ranks on the 228th position in the whole world! It has quick growth of population and it’s increasing day by day! On  month of 10th May 2011 year, a census was conducted in Canada and reported that the population of Canada was 33,476,688  according to their officially record! Now currently, Canada has an estimated number of population of 35.87 million in 2015. Among that numbers, around 1 million Canadians live in the country of United States.

In according to the 2011 census report, the most common regions in Canada are: European (77%), Asian (14%), Aboriginal (4%), Black (3%), Latin American (1%), and Multi-racial (0.5%)  etc.

And, the 2011 census reported that the Toronto is the largest city in Canada by population the population. The wider Toronto metropolitan is containing approximately 5,583,064 people in total.

How Many People Live in Canada 2016 Right Now?




During 2016 Canada population is projected to increased by 285 188 people and reach 36 157 936 in the beginning of 2017.


The Canadian Population dynamics in 2016


According to estimations, daily change rates of Canada population in 2016 will be the following numbers:

  • 1 010 live births average per day (42.10 in a hour)
  • 784 deaths average per day (32.68 in a hour)
  • 555 immigrants average per day (23.14 in a hour)

And it can assume that, the population of Canada will be increased by 781 persons daily in 2016.


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How many people live in Canada 2014

Answer:  On July 1, 2014, Canada’s population was estimated at 35,540,400, up 386,100 or 1.1% over the last year (2013/2014)


How many people live in Canada 2013

Answer: (35.16 million)

How many people live in canada 2012

Answer: (34.75 million)

How many people live in canada 2011 

Answer: (34.34 million)

How many people live in canada 2010 

Answer: ( (34.01 million)


                           Canada Population History from- 1950-2015


Year Population Male Population Female Population Density (per sq km) Growth Rate
2015 35,939,927 17,826,268 18,113,659 3 0.9594%
2010 34,126,172 16,926,547 17,199,626 3 1.0892%
2005 32,256,333 15,986,280 16,270,053 3 1.0949%
2000 30,701,903 15,204,350 15,497,553 3 0.9383%
1995 29,299,478 14,502,843 14,796,635 3 0.9899%
1990 27,662,440 13,715,671 13,946,769 3 1.2632%
1985 25,848,173 12,835,093 13,013,080 2 1.2807%
1980 24,515,787 12,210,032 12,305,756 2 1.0256%
1975 23,140,609 11,581,536 11,559,073 2 1.2852%
1970 21,439,200 10,750,891 10,688,309 2 1.6246%
1965 19,693,538 9,902,063 9,791,475 2 1.749%
1960 17,909,232 9,058,376 8,850,856 1 2.1362%
1955 15,733,858 7,974,851 7,759,007 1 2.7803%
1950 13,736,997 6,968,999 6,767,998 1 2.6082%


                                                       The Canadian Population Clock overview


What is the population of Canada (as of January 7, 2016)? 36,803,857
Last UN Estimate (July 1, 2015) 35,939,927
Births Per Day 5,313
Deaths Per Day 3,780
Net Migrations Per Day 3,014
Net Change Per Day 4,547
Population Change Since January 1st 1,686,937



Know more about Canadian’s first People History!


Peoples of the Arctic:


At first, Who they were?

These people called themselves Inuit. Although we often think of the Inuit as one group, there were many different nations. Some of the nations were the Inuvialuit, Copper Inuit, Caribou Inuit, and Labrador Inuit (see figure 3.8 for amore complete list). All spoke variations of the Inuktitut language.

What they lived in:

The Inuit, particularly those who lived in the Central Arctic, built dome-shaped igloos made from snow blocks. In the summer, they built skin-covered tents. In the Eastern Arctic, they made large permanent sod-andstone houses that were dug partially into the ground. In the western Mackenzie Delta, the Inuit made large permanent structures of driftwood and earth that were also dug partially into the ground. For much of the year, the Inuit lived in small camps of several families. Larger of families groups came together when food was plentiful. In the Mackenzie Delta area of the Western Arctic, five groups, representing 2000 to 4000 people, lived in permanent
villages. Here, food was plentiful.

What they ate:

In winter, most Inuit groups hunted seals and caught fish through holes in the ice.They travelled and hunted by komatik (dogsled) and dog team. Groups of people who lived along the oceans and seas hunted beluga whales, walruses, narwhals, and giant bowhead whales from ice floes Sometimes they hunted from large whaling boats called umiaks. In the summer, many Inuit groups, especially those in the Central Arctic, moved inland where they hunted herds of caribou and, sometimes, musk oxen and the massive, ferocious polar bears. They caught fish in the rivers by spearing them or building weirs across the rivers. They hunted ducks and geese, and they also collected eggs.Inkayaks and umiaks, they hunted many of the same sea animals they caught in winter along the ocean coast.

What they made:

The land and waters provided everything the Inuit needed to develop many innovative inventions. The Inuit found effective ways to live in the cold Arctic. They wore double-layered, tailored coats, pants, gloves, and mukluks, all made of animal skin. They carved bone and ivory sunglasses to prevent blindness from the bright snow. They built harpoons with detachable heads and attached lines to catch the water animals.The Inuit were also great artists who carved many items from bone and ivory. They carved containers, harpoon points, fishing gear, combs, and needle holders decorated with animals, birds, and camp scenes. The designs often had spiritual importance.

How they governed:

In each camp and community, decisions were made by consensus. When there was a problem, it was discussed until everyone, or at least most people, agreed. The Inuit did not have an elected leader. The group was egalitarian. That meant everyone was considered equal. Everybody’s ideas were considered important.


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