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What Happens When You Block Someone On Whatsapp?

What happens when you block someone on Whatsapp: You may know that, this is one of the most trending question all over the modern online Era! A lot of people are more eagerly asking this question in different online platforms frequently to know the correct answer of this question. Is not it? Do you ask the exact query yourself often? Get confused all the time? No matter, read this whole post to get all the things. All right! In our regular life we need to use Whatsapp to communicate with others besides of various communication systems. And, this excellent online communicative system makes more easy to get connected with our desired people by it’s user friendly platform!

Well! In our previous post we discussed about the question on what do the ticks mean on whatsapp rightly. Go thorough that article to know a lot of new things if you are interested. Now we are going to provide the best solution about the most asked question you always ask yourself! Right?


What happens when you block someone on Whatsapp


what happens when you get block on whatsapp-image


Are you thinking what does this really mean? Yes, many Whatsapp users get confused about it or mix up all the thing by misunderstanding correct and wrong info altogether! Recently i have got a lot of emails and facebook messages from so many whats-app user they asked me to write a post about this issue on my blog to make them clear the things! That’s why, I decided myself to write a post on this question as they are requesting. I think you and they can get more help from this post. Let’s move on our main lesson!

What will happen if you block someone from Whatsapp?


You might be wondering,  if you or I block someone on whatsapp can they tell it? Well, you know that, after blocking people from whatsapp, they will never be able to see anything like as- your photos or status and they cannot contact you via the WhatsApp messenger!

But, here is one more thing you have to know that that,  the blocked contacts will do or do not see  your whats-app status and profile picture, which is mainly depend on the privacy policy on your whatsapp setting you set that before! Let us clear this thing again! Suppose, if you set privacy by making it ‘just contact’ then, the users on your contacts  can able see your photos and status only! On the other hand, you only set your privacy to ‘everybody‘ then, everyone on or off on your contacts will still able to see the photo and status easily even after removing them from your whats-app contact list! Cleared!


Well, let’s know the other most interesting part of that issue! When you have blocked any contacts from Whats-App, the blocked contact can be able to send your message rightly, but you will never receive the message they sent you! In this case, they (the blocked contact) will see one tick in their message which mean (message sent) but they will never see the two ticks on message which means (message delivered). And, you can not able to send them message too, unless you blocked contacts yourself! Still not cleared! Let us take a look at a glance below to understand is clearly and more easily!


What does happen if I block someone whatsapp contact on iPhone


what will happen when i blocked whatsapp contact



Blocked Contact can not:


  • able to look your profile pictures and updates! (Unless you set Privacy to ‘Everybody’)
  • Make you any calls anymore!
  • See when you’re online, or when you were last online!


Blocked Contact can see:


  • They can still look you in their contacts list, reason, your number still be saved on their phone contact. As like as them- you will still be able to see their name in your WhatsApp too unless you delete them from your phone’s contact book together.


You should know one more thing!


As for example, you have just blocked any of your contacts from  whatsapp. Are you thinking all the things inside your message will get removed! Or the conversation you made between you and the blocked contact past on whatsapp? No! You may guessing it wrong! Hmm.. the past conversation you made will still be visible on your Whatsapp app like as the phone number! And, your contact details will stay on their (the blocked contact) phones too! In fact, after blocking, if the blocked contact send you message, will not visible your phone or won’t deliver to your whatsapp anymore!


I wish if you have completed reading this whole post, and you have no confusion regarding this question! Am i right? So, this will be good for us if you share this useful post with your friends and collegians  by clicking on the social icons below as we may not know this post might help them! Will you please spend some of your valuable seconds to click on the share button to help us to spread the world? Please say- Obviously! Why not! Well, i am really happy hearing such of your words 😀 If you have any question or opinion regarding this post then, you are most welcome to drop your valuable comment below quickly! But, i am too very excited to know that- are you asking yet, what happens when i block someone contacts on whats app permanently?

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  1. If I have blocked someone on WhatsApp, number still remaining in my phone contact, the message I send to the contact, will still be visible to the contact

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