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How long Does it takes to Build a Website-Create From Scratch

How long does it takes to build a website: Everyone’s wish to have their own website to make their life more professional and smart! You know that now days you can’t able to make sell or buy anything especially from online without the help of website! For the reason that, a site help us easily to purchase or sell various products from online. There are plenty of online company around the world are handling their businesses online. And, they reach their desired customer through website. If you are the people who are desperately searching for answer on the question how long does it take to make a website online then you are at the most prominent place or post! Creating a website is easy if you are just ready to work. In this technology world we are ready get our essential more easily comparing the past era! Is not it? So, here in this post we are going to describe about the question what you are asking for long time on various forums! Move thorough the entire post very patiently and attentively to get all the stuffs in one place! Right?


How long does it takes to build a website live


How long does it take to Build a Website-Image


Well, it mainly it depends on various things. Let us look an example on this- suppose you are building your site on WordPress, it will take you less time because this content management system makes it easy to build site instantly. On the contrary, if you are making website on HTML, PHP then it takes normally more time as usual because there are a lots of coding work you have to do here! Right? On the other hand if you are developing your site yourself then it’s completely depend on your work and the time you are devoting on it and so on!

Generally it does not take very much time on creating a website if you have some good knowledge about CMS, (content management system) as WordPress. A little knowledge about this platform you can be able to create your website successfully!

Let’s take a  look some of the steps i featured below for your easy understanding purpose!

How long does it takes to make a website successfully


The first step: In this process, some essential tasks you have to do like as buying the domain name and doing it host on hosting company. After setting up domain then you need install a theme and some necessary plugins. I assume, this may not take more than 1 hour. But, you should take into account that, this is the actual step of creating a website so you need to contribute more time on it if you are a beginner. A professional person can do all the task in a short time because they have their earlier knowledge.

Designing Logo for website: Definitely you have to design a good looking logo for your site to present a professional look! Is not it? You can create logo yourself by using various logo creating software or graphics designing application as like Photoshop!  If you have no time then you can outsource on various online freelancing program like or So, we can take on that, logo designing is also part of parcel of a website. It takes around 20-30 minutes relaying on your work too!

Keyword Researching: After finishing above tasks now you have to write post for your blog. Right? So, at first you need to research some keyword writing content for your website. Because, beyond proper keyword research you may not able to realize the things audience are searching for! The main reason of writing content is to provide value to the customer. Is not it? So, make sure to do research on keyword before deciding to write post on your site. There are a lot of online tools you can use to do this task. The only one keyword

arch tool is Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool. To get access in this tool you have to a make a google account only. The core part of this tool is, it’s make easy to grab you a lot of keyword within a minute with valuable data which is free! So, in the whole process of doing research it takes time depending on you!

How long does it takes to create my website



Content writing for site: In this step you have to devote more time. After researching keyword rightly, then it is high time to write content on it. And, the crucial part of writing content you need to write for the readers but not for the search engines. But, you need to optimize your content properly by following the right Search engine optimization guideline. And, the content creation is a long term process. You should write content consistently to make your website structure stronger. On producing content how much time takes only  depend on your writing level and on subject experience.

 Doing SEO for Website: You should always remember that, to get your website on different search engines you need to do SEO for website. SEO mean search engine optimization. It is the process to get listed on search engines as google, Yahoo, Bing. By optimizing right keywords and optimizing it with proper content marketing strategies it helps to get ranked on search engines. If you are newbie about SEO then here are two excellent article you can see now!


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Adding images: To make the blog post catchy, you need to add good-looking image on your post or article. Right? For this purpose, you need to collect or create images for yours. It takes time too. But it is not mandatory unless you are caring advanced about getting SEO benefits especially. Because, image optimization is a part of off page SEO too! But, if you are just making site for the first time, this thing is not a major part indeed 😀

Besides of these, there are so many things are needed in creating a website successfully. But, you may not add some of the things while thinking about how long does it take to build a website. Right? You can include some of the very essential work while to have an experience on how long does it takes to make a website as we discussed in this post!

We desire you have got some good idea about it. All the time, i am waiting for to get your feedback. And, do not fail to remember to share this post with your friend or others if you have found a little help from this article! Or, have any question in your mind regarding this post you can just make a comment under. Are you still asking how long does it take to build a website from scratch?

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