Best Blogging Communities-increasing website traffic by blogging cummunity

Top blogging communities: Getting more traffic to your website from search engine is not easy. Ranking top position on search result is much challenging matter. You have to compete with other webmaster and blogger to bet them to gain top position.

Because there are more top and expert blogger are also competing. So, it is specially hard job for newbie bloggers to get top rank against other expert bloggers.

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Now what we should do to get traffic to our blog? Yes, you can get referral traffic from online blogging communities without ranking Google or other search engines.

increasing website traffic by blogging cummunities-

We may generate some referral traffic by social media like- facebook marketing, twitter marketing, linked-In, pinterest and so on! But if you want some good referral traffic then you need to join some best blogging communities.

By joining online blogging communities you can promote your blog without hard work and can get free website traffic!

Introduction of blogging communities who do not know about it:

Online blogging communities are best places where bloggers can meet and get connected with each others as well as they share blog, make relationship with other bloggers, engage like minded bloggers and drive more traffic to their blog continuously.

Yes, blogging communities work as like other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Pinterest, Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious and so much.

Beside of getting more website traffic you can also get good link juice because these top blogging communities have good page Rank (PR) and Domain Authority (DA) also.

There are hundreds of online blogging communities, but only few are worth to use.

Ok, without wasting your valuable time, let’s go through the list of top blogging communities.

Top Blogging Communities to get referral traffic to your blog:


BlogEngage is a premium blogging community founded by Brian Belfit. This best blogging community has a good numbers of members and day by day it’s increasing. It is a spam free blogging community.

You can share your blog post by creating account and submit post to get exposure and drive referral traffic. If one of your post get more up-votes, will get on Homepage and its mean good amount of referral traffic to your blog regularly. Besides you can also get good backlink from it! Isn’t it enjoyable?

Join BlogEngage



Dosplash is also a best blogging community which has good numbers of online members as it is new! The founder of this community is Jane Sheeba.  a new blogging community which is growing quickly. You can also join this community to get traffic by engaging other members.

You can join DoSplash here.

increasing website traffic by blogging cummunity


Yes, another best blogging community where you can join for getting good numbers of traffic to your blog daily. Create account now and vote other’s post. This best online community has also a good number of members. Here you can build good relation ship with other like minded bloggers and can get some good amount of referral traffic to your site! Your post can get on Home page if get more up-votes.

Join now.


Another best blogging community is BizSugar. There are a large number of online active members here. If you want to get more traffic from bigsugar, comment on others post, make interesting discussion, engage other members and be active to drive traffic to your blog.

Join BizSugar here.


Yes, Kingged is also a good blogging community where anyone can join and take part of discussion to attract other members to come to your blog. I like this blogging community also very much. This community also rewards the members with giveaways.

Join Kingged Here.


You can also join this best blogging community to drive massive traffic to your site daily. This community founded by Erik Emanuelli. Here you can share your latest blog post, comment others post to engage them to come to your site. It is new but growing day by day. Join now for getting referral traffic to your blog.

Join Klinkk now.


You can understand about this community by it’s name. IndiBlogger is also a great community where you can join for traffic. Most of members are from India. Members are growing daily. If you need a lot of traffic from India and you are an Indian, I think it is for you!

Join IndiBlogger here.


A young blogger named Devesh from is the founder of this community. It is also a great community if you want to get some good amount of referral traffic for your blog. You can vote link if you like. So, join this best community and attract other members by sharing and taking part of discussion. If your post gets up-votes, will appear post in it’s Homepage also.

Join Blokube Here.


Many bloggers are driving good numbers of traffic from this online community. Triberr is a great community for getting some good referral traffic for your website. Share your blog post with bloggers and also comment on their post to engage them to visit your blog.

Join Triberr Now.

Besides of ranking your blog on Search engine you can also join these blogging communities for direct referral traffic. Make proper use of Search Engine Optimization and follow webmasters rules to get rank your blog.

I think if you make good use of this best online blogging communities you can get good amount of referral traffic for your blog, even if it’s your new blog.

There are so many online blogging communities where you can join, but before joining make sure that communities are active and have good numbers of members.

I think blogging communities are very helpful for driving traffic to your blog if you are trying to find some easy methods.

Do not get me wrong! I know there are so many online blogging communities, but I think these suits me and I like these communities for driving good referral traffic for my blog daily.

One more thing I want to say you is, do not spam here. If you do, you will get banned from these top blogging communities. Make sure to active on these communities, make interesting discussing, help each others and engage them to visit your site.

If you find this post helpful, share with your friends and visit this blog daily to find more traffic driving tips.

What do you think about these online blogging communities? Are you using these communities for getting traffic to your blog? Would love to hear from you!


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