What Should I Blog About to Make Money online?

Niche ideas to blog about: Starting a blog and making money from it, is the purpose of a blogger as usual! Right? Now days, blogging is like an art! In the whole blogging world one should devote himself or herself to make it more popular to get profit from blog! Once i started my own blogging journey, i had always dream to make money from it like other bloggers as usual. But to be honest with you, it is not one night job to make lavish income from blogging in the very beginning. Do not be desperate after hearing this from me! Yes, what you have heard now, is always true in the blogging journey! I am not saying that you can not make money doing blogging! It is very possible to earn decent income from a successful blog. I wish you have got me rightly!

Well, enough talk! Let us move on the main part of the article.

What Should You Blog About to Make Money online


You know that answer very well than me! Right? Do whatever you like and enjoy! Generally, we say it in our regular life. is not it? Likewise, in the blogging world, there a plenty of niches you can go for. But, if your goal is to make good money than you need to choose the niche very cautiously! And, for this you have to know what are most profitable niches are online to make money?  “Make money Online”! Right? Hmm.. you guess it very easily!


But wait for a second:


As we all know that, “make money” is a very hot topics all over the internet. This money making niche is very competitive! Billions of marketers are involved in this niche and making hell amount of money. They are making bank relaying this niche only! It is very easy to guess that, this niche is very popular and competitive too! Without having proper knowledge and strategies one can not achieve that money making keyword like as Goldmine!

Then what should you do as you are a newbie?




There are a lot of niches available which can earn you money doing blogging. Targeting such kind of niches you able to reach your goal without sweating much!


Some of my recommendations below to get more ideas about starting a blog-


# At first you have to understand your niche! To get plenty of niche ideas you can make use this excellent Tool which is very easy to get in! Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool

Create a google account and log in this tool. This keyword tool is for Ad words Advertiser. But, anyone can get a lot of keyword ideas from the tool.

# Put you niche or keywords in this tool and click on Get Ideas tab, you can see lots of keywords in front of your eyes instantly even whatever you did not thought before. (Search


# In niche selection you can go for such trending niche topics like- entertainment, lifestyle, business, marketing etc.

# It is very important to choose niches which you can write more about it comfortable. Do not select such niches on which you have less or no ideas about producing content!


# Tell your-self, whats the readers are searching for online. If you able to figure out that, you it will be easy to reach the right audience!


# Make a Strong Strategy about your market. Keep looking eyes on your competitors, what they are writing about, or their content structure but not copying their content. You can just, leverage content ideas from your competitors.



Take Proper action on your work. It is not wise to find a profitable niche and leave it. You have research more about it to get the real competition on it from where your success depend!


I have more confidence on you that, if you are ready to work, and have time to implement the strategy then you can only able to reach the desired goal! I have tried to cover up some basic knowledge about some of the topic ideas in this post! Wish you have  got this post useful!


Have any kind of queries regarding the article, leave your comment below, i will help you in every steps.


I am sure you are not asking anymore about what should i blog about to make money online?

7 thoughts on “What Should I Blog About to Make Money online?”

  1. There are so many self-proclaimed, fake gurus that it is easy to get overwhelmed. As for me, if you are a beginners, you can start describing your efforts and your experience. For example, it is interesting to read about guy who invested his money and made 100% in one week. But it is also interesting to read about the guy who lost his money.
    You don’t need to be a guru in order to start a blog and to create a popular project.
    Be my friend, MINHAJ, click my nickname and subscribe to my youtube channel. It is about making money online.

  2. helpful post for many beginners who want to make money online through blogging, Majority of blogs fails because of lack knowledge on blogging and expecting a quick money ! your post will surely give an idea on how to start a successful money blog thanks MINHAJ UDDIN for sharing your knowledge and keep blogging!

    1. Hi Charan!
      I am so glad to see you again!
      Yes, without proper niche selection there is no success! So, it plays very important rule which one should pay more attention!
      Anyway, thanks a lot for dropping your valuable comment!
      Would love to see you often!
      Happy blogging!

    2. I think, a lot of bloggers fail because of lack of motivation and inspiration. Let’s be honest, everyone starts a blog in order to make money.
      And if you invest your time and your efforts, but you see no money from your blog, you lose motivation.

  3. Appreciate your kind words here, if you will see around there are hundreds & thousands of people get interviewed on various blogs & platforms,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    after taking inspiration from them one should put in action & start the journey in such a manner that one day people shall take inspiration from you………… These days every one wants to reach sky heights in life, but none of them wants to put unlimited amount of work which will take them to reach that level,……………
    i would like to wish to become very successful personality in life & stay blessed this weekend buddy..
    Md kalam Khan

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