How To Increase Traffic To My Blog? Get 6 Quick TIPS For Your Blog

How to increase traffic to my blog: It is really very hard to increase traffic to your blog if it is completely new! But once you have got the methods about how to increase more traffic to your blog effectively and follow some working traffic driving strategy then it will be more easy to you to get traffic to your new launched  blog or website. Right?
You are eagerly asking:

How to increase traffic to my blog easily?


Traffic is the most important assets for a site. Without much traffic it is not very possible to make some good sales. For good business you should know how to market the product and working methods to attract them to buy the products you are promoting. So, you have to learn traffic strategy if you are serious to earn good money from your blog!


Alright! Now in this post you are going to know the 6 traffic driving ways which will surely help you to increase more traffic to blog regularly. (Do not take me wrong! There are a lot of possible ways to increase traffic but not only these 6 ways)



How to increase traffic on my blog? Best Tips to Get 1000+Traffic.


Super Working Effective Tips To Boost Website Traffic NOW!



So, without wasting your time it will be nice to go ahead!



 6 Easy Methods for increasing traffic to your blog Quickly



1. Offering A Free eBook:

You might know, peoples have much interest on having something for free! Even i am also:-D

All you need is to write an E-book, it can be on your niche related topic!

For example, our targeted niche is make money online for students.

It is the most hottest topics over the online. And, students have deep interest to learn how to earn some money online aside of studying school.

So, here what shall i do is to- write an detailed article with valuable resources showing student the right ways to earn money online.

You should keep in your mind that you are helping them how to do rightly!

Well, after writing article with valuable information and providing useful resources, now our step is to convert that article into PDF format. You can take up to convert article to PDF or have this chrome extension.

And now insert your PDF book link in your blog telling readers to take this book freely by subscribing blog by assigning email address!

By this way you not only able to capture their email address but also help you to increase more traffic to your blog on a regular basis! And, normally users will love to visit your blog to take the book free of cost!

Is not it interesting to attract more traffic effortlessly?

How to increase traffic to my blog Quickly?


2. Make Attractive Video:

Producing video about your products or anything related blog niche which is a good strategy to drive more traffic to your blog sites! You need to make useful video and upload on some video submission sites in online. By this way you can link back to your site in the video description. If someone love your video, they might be feel heavy interest to visit your blog by your site link too!

You can have capture video by yours or can hire some professional to make video for you. There are so many video capturing application you can use to make attractive video!

You can try it- Camtasia Studio

After producing a few videos then upload the videos to the following video submission sites we provided beneath-
Daily Motion
Click here for a full list of video sites

3. Turn Your Article  into Infographic:

By turning your blog post info-graphic rightly you can also increase more blog effectively. You know that, info-graphic always attract more readers then text or pictures. This is the powerful side of info-graphic.

There are so many sites can help you to make the post into info-graphic simply.

Make use of the infographic submission sites we are providing below for your work!

Google Charts
InFoto Free
Get About

After changing your post in to info-graphic now you need to make sure to submit info-graphic into infographic directories.

You can submit your info-graphic following sites under-
Daily Infographic
Cool Infographics
Infographics Archive
Infographic Journal
Visual Loop

4. Convert Your Post into PDF:

Converting your blog article in to PDF version you can get some long time traffic coming to your site. Some good hint i will show you what i am also doing that for my blog. Just sharing with you some of these tips.

1. I always try to re purpose my best and useful article into PDF. You can use so many online tools to make changing the article to PDF version. I typically use the site to make my blog posts into PDF. You can also use  a chrome extension  which will make you easy to adjust article into PDF correctly!

2. Find some best performing content from online and rewrite them with providing reference of this content and turn in to PDF.

3. Try to put some thing rare on your article and modify it in to PDF and offer to your readers.

4. Always try to make good Call to Action to visit your site by writing your blog Address Font biz and clear.

5. Give them surprising reason to visit your blog to take some thing freely.

6. After modifying your article in to PDF then distribute to some of these PDF directories below for getting more extra site readers and page views too!

Scribd – PR8
Slideshare – PR8
Issuu – PR8
Mediafire – PR7
DocStoc – PR6
4shared – PR6
Author Stream – PR6
Esnips – PR6
Slideboom – PR6
Rapidshare – PR6
Calameo – PR5
Edocr – PR5
Slidesix – PR5
WePapers – PR5
MyPlick – PR5
HotFile – PR5
Easy Share – PR4
PDF Cast – PR4

How can i increase traffic to my website smoothly?

5. Turning your article into Podcast:

You can increase traffic to your website effectively by turning your post in to Pod-cast. Generally, podcast makes easy to figure out the content comfortably and there are so many users love to hear podcast on behalf of reading article. It will be a good idea to turn your blog article with podcast and submit them into the podcast directories.  Here is a link to the one I use.

iTunes Store
Micro Guide
Double Twist
Sound Cloud

If you want to learn more about podcast then you can go to How to Podcast. (Open New Window)

            Best tips to increase traffic to my website easily!

6. Power of Guest Post:

By doing guest post on popular website you can avail to increase traffic to your website quickly. If you are thinking about to get backlink by doing guest posting, you are on wrong thinking! If still guest post may not helpful you to deliver good back-link but you can use guest posting strategy rightly to have truck loads of traffic to your site daily.

So, do not carelessness about i!. You need to go for some popular websites related the niche which welcome guest post. Because your goal is to drive more traffic to your site. So, a good idea is to choose high traffic loading sites and find opportunity to guest post on it perfectly! Right?

Then, submit your guest article providing useful article which strategically indicate to visit your site by the author box link!

So, always try to submit guest post with high quality article on popular niche related sites and drive more traffic to your blog. Do it correctly it still works best!

You believe it or not. If you follow these strategy and implement correctly then you will see the outcome. You will be appreciate that, success lies on hard work. Without proper planning you will not achieve the mission. It will be good to go after the traffic strategy and must measure your results you do.

Still having query on:

How to increase more traffic to my blog?

OK, read the article below to get more Strategy about getting a lot of traffic to your blog.

Superb methods will show you the Tricks To increase 1000+ Traffic daily

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