Free High PR Dofollow Document Sharing Websites List 2017-18

Best document sharing sites list 2017: In the online Era, Search Engine Optimization is a long process to rank a site top on the various Search Engines. You have to be more knowledgeable about SEO. Because, SEO is changing day by day and you need to keep updated with the latest seo every moment. To make a site well optimized with search engines you need to implement the best search engine optimization tips and tricks which includes white hat on page and off page SEO similarly.  Always keep in mind that old days are gone when people make search engine donkey by acting black hat seo techniques. In present, you have to follow white hat SEO like creating high quality content which must add up value to audience/readers. And, you need to build high quality backlink without any spamming.

Alright! In this article we are mainly focusing on more about best free document sharing sites which demand of the best off Site SEO Techniques in 2017 and it should not be neglected! Right?


What are the best document sharing sites mean in SEO 2017?


In a short term, we can tell document sharing sites are like as web 2.0 sites. Generally, document submission site make it easy to upload your content on these sharing sites where you can share your well performing content having millions of  users online. Here are so many active online users hang on these document sharing siteo for sake of having various document to their needs! These document sites allow you to do share post on their platforms and by this way one can take a lot of benefits from these document sharing platforms. I wish now you understand the point! Right?


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Benefits of using secure free Document Sharing websites in SEO 2017!


Well, as you know that in SEO term everything count on high quality. Here quality import rather than of quantity. Actually, i am attend to say you that, as maximum of document sharing site have good Page Rank and Domain Authority also have more  reputation online as these high PR document sharing sites update every while and get index faster so basically rank well on the SERP!

That’s why, if you share your article on those top document sharing websites in 2017 there is possibility to and gain quality backlink which help you to give value of your site as well as you can get more targeted traffic. Apart from increasing more traffic to your blog you can also increase your site’s page rank (PR) too by submitting your content on  document sharing sites!


Top List of Free High PR Document Sharing Sites list 2017


Underneath, we have collected a huge list of top document sharing websites and i wish this good list will support you to do SEO tasks comfortably in 2017. So, grab this free online doc sharing site list and do enjoy with the off page SEO work. We have arranged this list with high PR, DA and on an average Alexa ranking metrics etc.

List of High PR9 & 8 Document Sharing websites 2017


Name of Website TYPE DA PA Page Rank
IP Address Free 96 95 9
Keepandshare,com Free 100 96 9 Free 95 81 8 Free 96 84 8 Free 93 90 8 Free 100 93 8


Top Online Document Submission Sites List with PR 7


Website Name
TYPE DA PA Page-Rank IP- Address Instant Approval 85 80 7 Free 84 60 7 Free 92 77 7 Free 82 54 7 Free 85 57 7 Free 92 78 7 Free 68 53 7


Free Document Sharing Sites List of High PR 6


Website Name
TYPE DA PA Page Rank
IP-Address Free 91 73 6 Free 83 54 6 Free 91 77 6 Free 85 68 6 Free 77 52 6 Free 85 69 6 Free 65 64 6 Free 69 63 6 Free 63 53 6 0 Free 86 65 6 Free 70 57 6


Best Document Submission Sites List of PR 5


Name of Site TYPE DA PA Page-Rank IP Address Free 68 51 5 Free 67 56 5 Free 51 47 5 Free 71 55 5 Free 72 53 5 Free 71 58 5 Free 69 56 5 Free 58 64 5 Free 26 35 5 Free 53 56 5 Free 61 67 5 Free 47 48 5 Free 52 50 5 Free 75 58 5 Free 68 55 5 Free 70 54 5 Free 92 91 5


Top Document Sharing sites List with High PR 4


Name of Website TYPE DA PA PR IP Address Free 63 52 4 Free 49 48 4 Free 45 53 4 Free 39 47 4 Free 65 48 4 Free 51 52 4 Free 44 48 4


Free Online Document Submission Sites List of PR 3


Name of website
TYPE DA PA Page-Rank
IP Address Free 52 59 3 Free 29 39 3 Free 35 43 3 Free 37 45 3 Free 41 46 3 Free 52 53 3 Free 37 45 3 Free 40 48 3 Free 46 54 3 Free 15 27 1


So, here is the top list of high PR document sharing website list which might help you in off page SEO activities effectively. It will be good to go for some high page rank document sharing site then submit the content properly by registering on sites. Keep all the top document sharing sites list 2017 safely and never forget to visit this blog regularly! I hope you have found my post helpful! If you have any question on this article, then you are very welcome to drop your valuable comment below!

I am always ready to stay with you and to hear all of your issues regarding the post! Have a nice day for your blogging journey 😀


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