This is the privacy policy of our site We created it to increase the  user experience to give them to know about policy we are generating.

Online users and viewers should follow these Rules we listed below while serving our website to have happy browsing!

1. Users should remember not  to publish any kinds of  weapon, alcohol, hard things, tobacco, smuggling, gambling related article, link, images and others in our website. Even any bad word, comment will not be allowed here. We are very serious about all these matters. Other wise you will get bane from this website. It is our wish to provide more value to our readers to make them happy!

2. We do not publish any unrelated topics in our blog. You should post relevant article according to this blog topics. Otherwise your post will be deleted immediately by us.

3. Users  are not allowed to publish any kind of copy paste materials in this blog. You must have unique and copyright free content to get published on our site!

4. Users should not allowed to give any type of ad, short link or affiliate link here which does not comply with google policy!

5. This website is written on English language only. So, other languages are not supported.

6. You can not post any marketing related articles or post in our site. Any kind of post which has only purpose to marketing will not allowed in this blog. Copy right of anything will not publish here also.

7. Do not try to make spam here. Any type of spamming is hardly prohibited in this blog. If once notice we will take action against you!

8. Do not copy or republish our blog content, images and others anywhere. This blog is copyrighted. We can take action anytime if we find our content copied from this blog to another places.

9. You must use your real name as a username and also use a strong password of your own.

10. Readers can put any topics related link in the comment section in our blog.


11. Nobody can blame for any type of comments we write against others if it is legally!


12. You must follow these above rules and stay with this blog, share your experience, invite others to this blog and enjoy with this site!

N.B has only the right to change any privacy policy in any time for welfare of our visitors and for us!


If we make any material changes to this Privacy Policy, we will notify you either through the email address you have provided us, or by placing a prominent notice on our website.

Contact with us:

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Last updated on: (10-12-2016)

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