How to Get Quality Backlink PR 8 in just 3 Minutes work

How to get quality backlink easily: What we usually know that backlink is the most important fact for a blog or website to gain top position on the SERPs! Still backlink has great power to rank a particular site on the search engines. You have to do it correctly to make your site safe from various search engine update all the time!

Link building is one of the great part of search engine optimization (SEO). We can build link in many ways. But all method may not work right for ranking a site. You need to build high quality backlink for your website.

Building high quality backlink will surely boost Your blog traffic in no time!

While creating backlink it is must to remember that you should follow ethical method only. You can buy huge backlinks in short time at a cheap price but it will not give you good result. Your site will get penalized by search engines in any time! Many people go for such kind of bad and spammy  link building services, but they even do not aware about that, their site is in very danger instead of getting better results! So, my advice will bee to you, always think positive and follow only proper methods which do not harm you!

So, may be you are asking me, what type of link building strategy i should follow? Yes, you are asking it rightly. What you have to do is, create very high quality and fresh content which grab the attention of your blog audience. If they prefer, they might share content and by this way, you can generate backlink automatically! It is call link baiting! Many top and successful blogger’s always follow this strategy and it still works fine!

An Easy way to get PR 8 high quality backlink  Quickly



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So create high quality backlink by following webmaster guide -lines if you want to get better result on the SERPs.

OK, in this article I am going to show you how to get quality backlink fast! Yes, it is profile backlink obviously! You can build a high quality PR 8 backlink just following below steps-

Follow step by step tutorial to to get high quality backlink easily for your website-

  1. Firstly for getting high quality backlink from PR8 domain you need to go to this link below and create an account freely here.

        # Create Storify Account Now

  1. Ok, after creating account successfully then go to setting tab shown as image below-

How to get quality backlink


Get Quality backlink from pr 8 Domain

  1. Now fill up details about you in your profile section. Do not forget to put your website URL in the website section. Look below image for clear and easy understanding-


Get Quality backlink from pr 8 Domain

How to get quality backlinks fast on 2015-2016


  1. After filling all information correctly then press save and now you can check the profile section how looks like this-


Get Quality backlink from pr 8 Domain

         5. Yes, here is your desired  pr8 high quality backlink from storify website!


Click on your website link for testing. It will redirect you to your own website!

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Now you have created one high quality backlink for your site from pr8 domain successfully and it’s time to take a cup of coffee!

This coffee cup is from storify you will find it here! (I am not sure is it coffee or tea cup! Can you tell me what?)

I think this may take you 2-3 minutes to get high PR8 dofollow backlink easily!

So, that’s all about what I have wanted to share with you. Take action now and grab your PR8 high quality dofollow backlink by wasting only 2-3 minutes!

backlink pr 8

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